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Import Service

All import containers shipped through the Port of Takoradi are automatically transferred to the Terminal of Tacotel for Receipt, Storage and Delivery of containers.

As an inland container depot, all import containers shipped through the Port of Takoradi are transferred to Tacotel for Receipt, Storage, and Delivery. Tacotel offers the following Import Services:

1. Storage: A dedicated paved space designed with high Safety and Security systems as a bedrock for storage of laden containers.

2. Devanning: Provision of suitable equipment and labour for unstuffing full containers.

3. Container Freight Station (CFS): A cargo storage space for unstuffed cargo pending Customs clearance.

4. Container Freight Station (CFS): A cargo storage space to assist clients to avoid demurrage when importers are not ready for partial or full delivery.

Tacotel Limited’s off-dock terminal currently has a paved capacity of 87,000 m2 space. We provide a dry, secure, and clean terminal space dedicated to keeping empty containers for stuffing, full/loaded containers and ISO tanks. This provides great relief to shipping lines and Non-Vessel Owning Common Carriers (NVOCCs) who are able to store their containers within the terminal until they need them or the next vessel calls requires them.

The proximity of our terminal to the main Takoradi Port offers easy access storage services to both less container loads (LCL) and full container loads (FCL) utilising top-quality surveillance and safety protocols. We provide sustainable and cost-effective container solutions that supports our clients’ businesses to thrive.

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