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Terminal Safety & Rules

Terminal Safety & Rules

As a terminal, our first-most focus is on the safety our customers. All terminal users should be familiar with these safety requirements before entering the terminal.

Safety Instructions for Customers within the devanning area:
- Must properly always wear Safety Vest and boots.
- Cell phone use while in the devanning area with machines is prohibited.
- No walking in between container stacks or rows.
- Maintain a safe distance from vehicles and machines.
- Must respect all posted and painted stop signs.
- Only use designated restrooms and areas.
- No unauthorized passengers (passengers must meet facility ID requirements) or pets/animals.
- No photography of any kind, without the express written consent of Tacotel Security.
- No weapons are authorized on the facility, even if you have a concealed weapon permit.
-Do not pass under suspended loads
- Report any HSSE observation or any case of emergency by calling +233 50 678 0381 directly.

Health and Safety Requirements For Our Partners
As a terminal, our foremost focus is on the safety and wellbeing of our customers. We have therefore designed clear instructions which all our partners are expected to familiarize themselves with before entering the terminal and consciously abide by whilst within the terminal.

Health of our staff
The Health of our staff The company has a clinic designated at the terminal that gives first aids to our staff and other terminal users and security of our people are imperative to the successful operation and growth of the company. Especially after COVID-19, health is firmly on the leadership agenda. Our purpose is to help keep our people and customers healthy and safe so that we can focus on our core activities.

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